‘Granny Pods’ let your aging parents live in your backyard

Thirty million American households look after adults over fifty in some capacity. I currently look after my parent with the assistance of two other family members, just like many of you do. It’s likely that you will if you haven’t already in the near future.

Is it stressful for you? Is it preferable to placing them in a care facility?

The evidence points to yes. It makes sense that not everyone is able to satisfy their parents to the fullest extent possible. Unfortunately, in other situations, some kids will decide right away to go to a nursing home.

Nursing Home and Senior Statistics

  • Over 40% of residents have reported abuse and more than 90% of them reported incidents of neglect.
  • A 2010 study showed that up to half of all nursing home caregivers admitted to elderly abuse and neglect.
  • Of all Certified Nursing Assistant’s, half admit to having verbally abused, yelled at, and used foul language with senior residents.

The US has approximately 1.7 million licensed beds and 15,600 nursing homes, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) from 2014.

Now take into account the fact that one in five Americans, or seventy million people, will be older than sixty-five by 2030.

This indicates that the number of seniors is growing at a much faster rate than the facilities and resources that will—or won’t—be available to them.

According to a 2015 AARP survey, 90% of seniors said they would rather age in their own homes. Remarkably, just 4% of those seniors would rather move in with a relative. However, their level of health and the features of the homes they can live in will determine whether or not they can live freely.

Seniors place a high value on safety features like widening doorways (65%), emergency alert systems (79%), bathroom grab bars (79%), and non-slip floors (80%). Unfortunately, few of these safety features are present in the majority of senior homes.
Enter MEDCottage, the creator of “Granny Pods.”

Why You Should Choose “Granny Pods”

What is MEDCottage?

The fact that seniors have very few options for where and how to spend their golden years is what inspired Reverend Kenneth Dupin to found MEDCottatge.

Every senior must eventually make a decision when living alone starts to pose more of a risk than an advantage. After realizing this, Reverend Dupin created a two-pronged solution:

  1. Seniors can keep their dignity and autonomy for however long they physically and mentally can.
  2. Families can efficiently and practically care for their parents in a way that keeps them close without breaking the bank.

What are “Granny Pods?”

Granny Pods are movable, temporary buildings made to provide your parents a safe, loved-one-filled final years.

Granny Pods from MEDCottage come in three varieties: Cottage, Classic, and Grand. Each is roughly twelve by twenty-four feet and connects to the plumbing and electrical systems already in place on the property.

Country Living magazine described them as “a bungalow from the outside, and a nice hotel suite on the inside with room for a bed, living room space, kitchenette, and bathroom.”

These are all accessible, senior-friendly homes that can be tailored to fit the needs of the person you are supporting. Pill dispensers, webcams, cushioned flooring, and vital sign monitors that notify you, the caregiver, if something is amiss are a few examples of safety features.

It all sounds wonderful, but what is the total cost?

The US Department of Health and Human Services stated in 2010 that the average cost of private and semi-private rooms for long-term care could be anywhere from $205 to $230 per day, or $6,235 to $6,965 per month.