What is up with Liam Neeson constantly peeing his pants?

That’s right. I could’ve added at least six different photo’s of the monster-donged actor, but the idea of y’all typing “Liam Neeson pees pants” into google is just hilarious to me.

Anyways, it’s a thing. Sometimes it’s a smoll post-pee stain, sometimes it’s a whole ass wet patch spanning from his crotch all the way to his knees. More often than not he’s casually shooting the shit with people, pants soaked. Sometimes he’s holding a drink, sometimes he’s not.

Y’all, it vexes me. Is he incontinent? If so, why doesn’t the dude wear incontinence pants or pads? It’s discreet nowadays. Holds liters. Is his schlong just too big to be harnassed?

He has money for days, he could pay a doctor to check his prostate every single day for a year and not break a sweat.

In most pics he’s absolutely shitfaced, so is it only when he’s inebriated? Again….why not wear a pad? Why keep casually chilling with the ladies instead of CHANGING OMG

or does the man get off on it? 👀

Got y’all some pics because I’m not a total cvnt;

What is up with Liam Neeson constantly peeing his pants?
byu/VenusManeater inpopculturechat