Dramatic horse hilariously falls to the ground and ‘plays dead’ if anyone tries to ride him

He’s truly the biggest ham around.

We all have our boundaries, things we’re willing to do and things we’re not.

For Jingang, a horse with a unique personality, the line is drawn at carrying riders on his back.

There are countless tales of stubborn horses, but Jingang’s antics take the cake.

The moment someone tries to mount him, he collapses to the ground, feigning death in a spectacle that’s as hilarious as it is unexpected.

If you’re in need of a hearty laugh, a video of Jingang’s antics has been spreading joy and laughter across the internet.

After all, it’s not every day you see a horse playing dead.

Horse ranchers and their steeds usually share a bond as strong and complementary as peanut butter and jelly.

Training these majestic creatures often involves a lot of hard work, but most of the time, the horses eventually learn to follow commands.

However, Jingang is a different story.

This horse is so determined not to be ridden that he’s devised a clever strategy to avoid it at all costs.

Jingang’s tactic is reminiscent of a fainting goat.

The moment he senses someone trying to ride him, he drops to the ground.

He hopes they’ll leave him be.

In the viral video, the ranchers are seen trying to mount Jingang to put him to work.

But each attempt results in a comedic scene. It’s not unusual for a horse to resist commands initially, but Jingang takes it a step further.

He refuses to even get into a training position.

Instead, he repeatedly goes into “playing dead” mode, a skill he’s become quite adept at. The process is simple.

As soon as a rancher approaches or tries to mount Jingang, he collapses to the ground, appearing as if the life has been drained from him.

But Jingang doesn’t stop there.

He has a repertoire of tricks to make his act more convincing.

He rolls his eyes back, sticks out his tongue, and contorts his legs into awkward positions.

His performance is so compelling that it’s worthy of an Academy Award.

Move over, Mr. Ed, there’s a new equine actor in town, and his name is Jingang!

From an outsider’s perspective, Jingang’s antics are both hilarious and endearing.

For the ranchers, however, the situation is a bit more exasperating.

As one of them confesses to the camera, “It’s cute but naughty.”

Interestingly, Jingang isn’t the only creature that employs the “play dead” strategy to achieve a goal.

According to the World Atlas website, various species use this creative technique, known as “thanatosis,” for different purposes.

Some animals use it to escape predators, others to catch prey.

Along with opossums, certain types of frogs, snakes, fish, and sharks also feign death.

National Geographic notes that other farm animals like cows and pigs can enter a “trance-like state.”

Since Jingang’s hilarious video was posted on social media, it has been viewed millions of times.

Get ready to see his hilarious acting skills in the video below!

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