Retiree Earns $3,000/Month with Tiny House Rental

Meet Laurel, an Airbnb Superhost in Northern California. She designed an exceptional gooseneck tiny house on wheels to earn extra income during her retirement. Now she earns an average of $3,000 per month with her tiny house rental! It all began with a love for tiny house designs, so when she came across an unfinished THOW shell on Facebook Marketplace. She leaped at the chance to finish it out. Ultimately the tiny house cost about $85,000 (the shell was $28,000). She expects to have it fully paid off in a couple of years. Then, her side hustle income will be pure profit.

“About two years ago, I had a woman came out who bought a chicken coop from me and she was telling me about Airbnb that she was doing. And I thought, well I’m retired, I have lots of time, lots of property, and maybe that would be something enjoyable.”

Laurel’s gooseneck tiny house rental is a hefty 39.5-feet long. Due to the ample floor space, it allows for a spacious bathroom and bedroom. She sees both as top priorities for creating a comfortable stay. Importantly, Laurel wanted to create a more accessible bedroomjust up a few steps above the living area. A guest can easily walk around either side of the bed and access the two closets in front of the bedroom.

Rent Laurel’s Tiny Home at Dibble Creek for a relaxing retreat in Northern California!