Woman shares simple and ‘magical’ blinds cleaner made using dollar store ingredients

Most houses nowadays have window blinds.

They offer so many benefits compared to traditional curtains.

Window blinds provide light control, privacy, design options, durability, and easy maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, how do you clean your window blinds?

Most of us would use washcloths or vacuums, but is there an easier way?

Katie Sottile, the owner of the YouTube channel of the same name, shared how she cleans her window blinds.

The best part is that she has two methods that only use products from Dollar Tree, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Here’s what you will need:


2-pack Scrub Buddies Microfiber towels

Rubber bands

Suavitel Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets

Scrub Buddies Deep Cleaning Wet Sweeper Pad Refills


The first step is to cut your microfiber towel into two pieces.

Then fold an inch and place one head of the tong on the folded part.

Now, wrap your tong with the microfiber towel.

Get two elastic bands and secure both the upper and lower part.

Repeat the process on the second head of the tong.

This will become your cleaning foundation.

Let’s start with Option 1 – The Dry Mop

Get your Suavitel Dry Sheets and just get one sheet.

Cut one sheet into two by cutting it in the middle.

Now that you have two dryer sheets, get one and wrap it around one head of the tong.

Secure with elastic bands.

Do the same on the second head of the tong.

Katie first cleaned the blinds and showed her audience how easy it was to do.

She said that cleaning with dryer sheets is easy and it smells amazing as well.

It was also shown how easy it was for the dryer sheets to get all those dirt off the blinds.

As the dryer sheets clean the blinds, it also leaves a fragrant smell that you will definitely love.

Repeat the process as needed.

Let’s move on to Option 2 – The Wet Mop

Get your Scrub Buddies Deep Cleaning Wet Sweeper Pad Refills and just get one.

Cut it in the middle, giving you two sweeper pads.

Like with option 1, you just have to get one pad and wrap it around the tong head.

Secure with an elastic band.

Do the same with the other tong head, and that’s it.

Katie uses the same method of cleaning her window blinds, but this time, since the sheets are wet, she was able to get more dust.

Katie’s Tips:

  • Since the materials are cheap, you can use many sheets as you need, and you just have to throw them after you’re done.
  • You’ll clean your window blinds easily. You no longer need to use gloves or have a hard time cleaning that hard-to-reach places.
  • These sheets already contain fragrance and cleaning solutions. This means your window will already be really clean.

What we love about Katie’s method is that it’s simple, easy, and cheap.

You can clean your window blinds as often as you can in a fun, effective, and efficient way.

Watch how Katie cleans her window blinds using the Dollar Tree items below.

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