This 96-year-old lady’s home looks normal from the outside but the inside will blow you away

This home is fit for a queen!

72 years ago this house was built and decorated by the lady who is now ready to sell it. She has always taken really good care of her home and is very fond of it. It’s such a shame she can no longer take care of herself and her home anymore and felt the need to sell it.

When the real estate broker came in his jaw dropped. The house looked amazing. It almost felt like the home of a royal family. From the outside, this house looks plain and ordinary but as soon as you pass the threshold it feels like you have entered a different world altogether. It’s bright, luxurious, and full of really old vintage furniture that has been well taken care of. No dust or stains anywhere. It’s clear this lady truly loved all of her belongings and treasured them a lot.

The rooms in this house have many different styles

Some of the rooms are very clean and stylishly old-fashioned, while some have an old, country feel to them.

Isn’t it amazing? With a home like this, you almost feel like royalty yourself.

In the basement, you’ll find this amazing country-style bar and lounge room. The perfect spot to relax after a long day of work.

These rooms are nice.

Pink is her favorite color!

It’s clear this lady had a thing for shades of pink.

You can find pink accents or wallpapers in almost every room which makes you feel like this house belongs in a fairytale.

We truly love this home because it’s so special!

We hope the next owner will take care of it and love it as much as this lady has obviously done.

What do you think of the inside of this house?

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