Kentucky Dad of Quintuplets Shamed for Walking His Kids on a Leash: ‘They Are Humans, Not Dogs’

Parenthood keeps moms and dads busier than full-time employment, and couples often have to learn new skills on the job. No matter how hard they try, they never get everything right, and the job becomes even more challenging when there is more than one child.

However, the joy of being a parent makes all the sleepless nights and sacrifices worthwhile. Sadly, people don’t see everything moms and dads do for their little ones, and onlookers can be brutal.
They had to come up with various creative parenting techniques to ensure their brood was taken care of and safe. Managing their household required full-time attention, and Dad Jordan was always eager to spend time with his little ones.

Taking the children for an outing in the park or a fun day of entertainment might sound like a great idea, but Jordan knew it was never easy and always came with a few concerns.

Leaving the house with all five kids was a task worthy of a gold medal—Jordan and his wife initially used a six-seater stroller to help their brood get around. However, they changed their style and opted for something less bulky and ridiculous.