Clint Eastwood’s friends worry his health has taken a turn as 93-year-old hasn’t been seen in 454 days

Clint Eastwood is perhaps Hollywood’s most prolific actorToday, the actor turns 93 years old and has not been seen in public for over a year. His friends have serious worries about his well-being.

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Clint Eastwood has the distinct honor of having a career that has spanned over seven decades. The actor is known for his taciturn ways, a man of few words who keeps to himself. But his recent bout of staying out of the public eye even has his friends concerned.

According to reports, the actor might finally be calling it a day and retiring from Hollywood.

“Clint goes through spells of talking about retirement, but what’s worse for him, he feels the movie industry has retired on him,” an insider shared. “He’s had a 50-year partnership with Warner Brothers, but there are new people in charge there now and they were very disappointed Clint’s last movie Cry Macho bombed at the box office.

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“He was happy to finally get a go-ahead from Warner for his new film, but he isn’t counting on it happening again.”

The 93-year-old actor is supposed to film Juror No. 2 with Toni Collette and Nicholas Hoult, with filming starting this summer.

“He wants to do this movie as a swan song and go out in a blazing sunset,” the insider said. “Some thought Cry Macho was going to be his last film two years ago because he seemed frail even then, but the movie wasn’t well received so Clint’s gathering up the troops one last time — and hoping for a blockbuster.”

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“I never did get to that day when I said I’d quit. I’ve flirted with the idea a lot lately, but every once in a while, a script comes along, and I think, ‘That’s a challenge that I haven’t been able to do before,’” the actor has said.

“It’s still a lot for a guy in his nineties,” the source stated. “People do worry about his health. He’s the director, but he’s also involved in every other aspect like the casting and he’ll likely compose the score as he’s done on his other films.”

The actor has not been spotted in public for over 450 days which has led to people worrying about his health and that it has taken a turn for the worse.

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“Clint has always enjoyed great health and been vital and active despite his advancing age, but the fact that he hasn’t been around as much lately has a lot of people in Hollywood worried about him,” the source shared. “It’s hard to imagine him in anything other than fine form but Father Time catches up to all of us.”

We are sending our best wishes to the wonderful actor on his 93rd birthday and hope to see him in public soon! Sending your birthday wishes and prayers to Clint Eastwood in the comments.

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