Woman ‘adopts’ A Homeless 108-Year-Old Man Who Was Living Beneath A Tree After Being Abandoned By His 11 Children

It’s difficult to drive by a homeless person without wanting to stop and assist, but it’s much more difficult if you don’t know how to aid someone you don’t know. Benita Dearz, on the other hand, stopped without hesitation when she observed an old guy by the side of the road who was plainly in need.

Benita pulled over to the side of the road when she noticed Don Felipe Reyes coming down the street and offered him a lift, little realizing that the act would transform her life.

>When the man said he was on his way home, Benita offered him a lift. On the way, she discovered that he was 108 years old and had 11 children from three marriages. Benita, a Mexican woman, couldn’t help but wonder where his family was.

She was sad when she arrived at the address Don had given her. She saw that Don’s “house” was a palm tree in a public area.

“I swear to you, he crushed my heart,” Benita said under a photo of Don on Facebook.

“Why do they [his family] abandon him when a father, a grandfather, is the most valuable gift life can bestow?” Benita remarked.

Benita decided to invite Don to her house for lunch, but she also planned to offer him new clothing and let him bathe and relax there.

Benita and her family ended up adopting Don, and this gesture grew into something long-lasting.

“This is how Don Felipe looks, a small bath, a new change, and the greatest thing is a family supper,” Benita said on Facebook.

She also got several offers of help for Don, for which she was grateful. Benita said that she was introducing Don into her family’s lives to commemorate her deceased grandparents, Blas and Angelita.

Benita’s generosity and compassionate demeanor were complimented by commenters. “You are deserving of the entire world,” one person said. “You have such a large heart.”

“With this gesture, you show me that you have a wonderful heart!!!” said another. There aren’t many people like you if any at all. Today and always, my respect and best wishes.”