Shelter Worker Finds Battered Box In Front Of Door And She Sees It

The mother instinct isn’t just found in humans – dogs, cats, and many other animals have been documented caring for animals of other species. Those who nurture and care for animals see this firsthand.

Margie Morris works at Project Purr Animal Rescue in Mobile, Alabama. One day, she arrived for her shift and found two sealed and battered cardboard boxes. Someone wanted them to be found because they were on the shelter’s front doorstep.

Project Purr Animal Rescue

Margie brought the taped boxes, which had holes punched in their sides, into the shelter. She was more than a little anxious when she opened them. Most times, animals who are abandoned and left at the shelter’s doorstep are abused.

When she lifted the flaps of the first box, Margie gasped. Inside were two orange kittens and a female cat that Margie presumed was their mother. The second box caused Margie great concern. It was empty. Margie wondered if there had been another kitty inside who had somehow escaped.

Margie named the “mama” cat Caroline and the two adorable kittens Shilo and Neil. “We set up a little bed and a little kennel for her to keep them safe,” Margie said. “We’re giving [Caroline] extra cat food with vitamins.”