The heavily pregnant waitress serves a police officer – left stunned after reading the bill

Those of us who have waited tables know what a physical and mental challenge it can be, with rewards that aren’t exactly plentiful.

From rude and fussy customers to demanding chefs screaming for plates to be taken to the tables, not to mention the hours spent on your feet, it’s not an easy job.

But imagine how hard it is for those waitresses who are pregnant, it has to be doubly exhausting.

Courtney English was a month away from having her daughter. The first time mom was working hard waiting tables one evening when she dealt with one customer that left her something she’d never forget.

Courtney was working a shift a the Lamp Post Diner in New Jersey. Despite being nearly eight months pregnant, she still balances trays like the best of them.

Her dad Brian Cadigan said of his 23-year-old daughter, “She’s a tough little girl.”

During her shift, the hardworking waitress served a Voorhees Police Officer who spent just $8.75.

When it was time to pay the bill, Courtney was left shocked by what he had written on the check.

Courtney English with her dad Brian and sister Hailey Cadigan

The officer had left her a tip of $100 with the message, “Enjoy your first, you will never forget it.”

Courtney and her family were so touched by the generous gesture they took to Facebook to praise the officer, despite his wanting to remain anonymous.

“I respect all officers so I mean it just gives me a higher respect for them and their job so it was just awesome,” Courtney said, according to the Courier Post.

The Voorhees Police Chief, who wishes to remain anonymous, made a huge impact on Courtney.

“Definitely thank you and just it means a lot. It’s been really hard saving for the last couple of months so it was really, really amazing,” she added.

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