Musicians travel to Scotland for the cover of ‘Fight Song’ so arresting that it gains over 47M views

Music and nature have been a great combination.

More often than not, it is more relaxing when you listen to music while being one with nature.

And when artists mix these two, expect the mood to be uplifted, and to feel content with life and its purpose.

The Piano Guys, together with the Wasatch & District Pipe Band, had made this beautiful and inspiring performance of Fight Song by Rachel Platten & Dave Bassett.

It was played outdoors and also shot in one of the most iconic castles on Earth.

Eilean Donan Castle in Dornie, Scotland.
It is an ideal place since Dornie is also filled with lush green forests, a great view of the mountains, and fresh streams.

The music video opens with a view of the rivers and valleys in the Northern Highlands, where many battles happened in the past.

It also honors Scottish fighting heritage.
This could be the inspiration for The Piano Guys to play such a beautiful song in such majestic scenery.

It invokes a similar fighting spirit while performing the song and revealing the story and bravery.

The video was soon followed by the sound of the drums, played by the Wasatch & District Pipe Band.

A mimic of what would have been a call to arms in the midst of battle.

The beat grabs attention.

The soft intro comes to play within the grounds of the Eilean Donan Castle.

It starts with a duet.
Piano Guy’s pianist Jon Schmidt and cellist Steven Sharp Nelson.

The piano’s strains intertwine with the cello’s harmony as they play with the castle in the background.

As the piano and cello play, you can hear the drums slowly approaching from a distance, along with men and women carrying bagpipes.

The video then showed the band marching on the bridge toward the castle.

When the traveling band arrive, the cello shifted into Amazing Grace.

Resonating its energy into every one.

It then shifted back into very strong and powerful music combined with the bagpipers as a secret element that blended well with the rest of the instruments.

It clearly resembles the Scottish fight theme.
When everyone joined in for the grand finale, the melody reached far into the lands and the soul.

People have much to say.
In their Youtube video, the comments have been heartwarming and inspiring.

One comment, which gathered more likes than the others, said “I am 94 yrs. old and I absolutely love how the Piano Guys do this song. I play it over and over and never get tired of it. I also love Scotland and the Bagpipes and hope to go there before I leave this earth.”

With the busy lifestyles nowadays, this video has reminded everyone to pause and connect with nature through music, cleansing our hearts and minds in the process.