9 Yr Old Boy Saved The Puppies When The Rescue Team Lost All Hope.

Have you ever looked at a child and thought wow they sure can do some pretty amazing things. Well you know those children can teach us adults a thing or two. Here are 9 amazing children who go above and beyond especially when it comes to animals.

1. Volunteers for the South Charlotte Dog Rescue in North Carolina were in a real bind when they tried to save a dog and her litter that were trapped inside an underground drainage ditch.

Facebook/Danielle Spuler

But 9-year-old Rafe Spuler just happened to be there when he was desperately needed. The boy crawled into the dark tunnel and was able to hand all five of the puppies to members of the rescue unit.

Facebook/Danielle Spuler

All of the puppies were reunited with their mom a short time later and were put into a foster care facility.

Facebook/South Charlotte Dog Rescue

2. Zach Ford is only 6 years old and already he’s become quite an expert in fundraising. In 2015, he raised $150 from family and friends to go toward the World Wildlife Fund to help save the tigers.

Anthony Piovesan

He since has begun a project to raise money for the Bornean orangutan, which is an endangered species, and the Sumatran orangutan, which is critically endangered.

3. 3-year-old Ollie Augustus was absolutely appalled when he visited the Healesville Sanctuary in Australia.

Caters Clips

And he took down zoo officials pretty fast, calling them “not nice people” and saying the animals at the sanctuary “just want to be free.”

4. 6-year-old Mia Rabii was out on a leisurely stroll with her mom when suddenly, a family asked them for their help. The family had come across a mother duck that was searching for her ducklings, which, as it turns out, had fallen down a drainage pipe.


The family had tried to get the baby ducks out but their arms were too big to fit into the pipes. So Mia steps up, with her tiny little 6-year-old arm, and carefully draws out each and every duckling to reunite it with its mom.