Foal follows mom’s lead and starts to dance alongside her in front of crowd

It was his first time being presented alongside his mother and he wanted to give them a show!

It doesn’t matter if they’re human or animal, children will always follow their mother’s lead.

At the Gelders stallion show in Ermelo, the Netherlands, in 2019, Odeer, an approved KWPN Gelders stallion, was presented alongside his mother, Atze. Because of years of experience, Atze presented herself as statuesque and regal. She had no problems showing the audience what a remarkable stallion she is.

And do you know what? Odeer picked up on this.

Odeer is a young foal presented for the first time alongside his mother at the show. But you wouldn’t have known it was his first time. It’s like he knew what to do through instinct but most likely because he has witnessed what to do through Atze.

At first, he was excited to present himself.

He was skipping and almost galloping with his mother. But when he saw Atze trotting with calmness, Odeer slowed down and followed his mother’s lead. Odeer picked up his legs and walked alongside Atze.

But Odeer is still young and still has trouble controlling himself.

A few seconds later, he sped up ahead of his mom but held himself back almost immediately. He sped up again and held himself back again. He did this several times before Atze started to gallop slowly around the field.

Odeer, once again, followed his mother’s lead and galloped with her. Odeer couldn’t stay in line though and galloped towards the middle. Then he heard claps from the audience and it felt like he knew he was doing it right.

He continued galloping and, this time, he didn’t even wait for Atze.

Odeer was showing his mom she needed to keep up with him. Now that he has gotten the hang of presenting himself, he was showing off his confident strut around the field. They continued galloping and strutting side by side.

Eventually, Atze galloped even faster and Odeer tried to keep up with her.

Atze was a great mom and she never let Odeer stray too far away from her. She might be galloping fast but she always made sure that Odeer was still by her side. And Atze kept Odeer by her side until the end, until they left the field.

Odeer never left her side either.

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