A Chinese Man Was 200 Miles Into His Road Trip When He Heard Barking Coming From The Front Of His Car. He Pulled Over To Investigate and Saw It.

A puppy was stuck in the bumper. Somehow, it was alive.

The driver knew he hit a dog a ways back but had an explanation…

“I was driving pretty quickly at the time so when I hit the dog, I thought it had either died or run away, so I didn’t get out of the car to check.”

He drove to a vet where the dog was freed from the bumper – a total of 248 miles from where it was hit.

After being cleared by the vet, the dog was taken home by the driver. He felt it was only right to adopt the dog.

“It escaped from great danger. This really moved me. This shows my fate with the dog.”

The moral of the story? ALWAYS stop when you think you’ve hit an animal. Your life and theirs depends on it!

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