Teenage Daughter of Tom Cruise hasn’t seen him in SIX YEARS.

Suri, Cruise’s only child, hasn’t seen him in almost ten years! How tragic is that?

She has been residing with her famous mother, Katie Holmes, who has served as both her mother and father over the course of the past few years.

Suri is incredibly kind and loving if Katie is under pressure or depressed. According to Katie, her daughter is truly her little angel. Katie is actually both her mother and father, which gives her even more strength. a source informed Us Weekly.
2005 marked the beginning of Tom and Katie’s relationship. They were just dating for two months when they announced their engagement because they were so deeply in love.

The couple welcomed their daughter Suri in April 2006, and they were formally married in Italy in November of that same year.

Holmes filed for divorce in June 2012 after being together for just over five years. Several sources claim Holmes intended to shield Suri from Scientology’s destruction.

“Tom Cruise was mere milliseconds away from executing his trademark adrenaline-fueled action routine. The megastar, who was in Iceland filming his new sci-fi picture Oblivion, received a surprise call from his wife, Katie Holmes, as the cameras were about to start rolling on June 28. People in July 2012 reported.

“He got off his motorcycle to answer the phone as he prepared to perform a stunt. What happened next would detonate like a set of high-end bombs, shattering Cruise’s world: As the cast and crew of the movie watched, Holmes told the megastar that she was divorcing him. He’s been in shock ever then, the person said.

According to a 2019 Us Weekly article, Hollywood’s Top Gun was denied access with his daughter due to his involvement with Scientology.

The last time the 57-year-old actor was seen with the 13-year-old was in 2013, not long after his ex-wife Katie Holmes shocked him by filing for divorce in 2012.

Later, one of the organization’s former adherents informed us that the sighting was merely for show.

Perhaps he did it to appear connected for a photo opportunity so he wouldn’t be criticized.
The last known images of Suri with her father date back to 2012, when they went to Disneyland together, according to Hollywood Life.

Although Cruise doesn’t visit Suri because he “can’t,” an insider said to the publication in April 2019 that he never stopped loving her.

“He still adores his daughter, despite how difficult things have become for them. When Tom and Katie agreed to start a family, he never planned for them to remain distant from one another, and he looked forward to one day mending their ties.