Baby Oliver’s Reaction to Daddy’s Question Will Melt Your Heart!

Baby Oliver’s heartwarming reaction to a simple question is melting hearts all around the world. A video of the adorable baby, known as ORB on social media, was recently uploaded by his father.

The video shows Oliver waking up from a good nap, yawing, squirming and stretching before finally opening his eyes.
The father, obviously delighted to see his son, greets him with “Hey buddy, how was your sleep?” His response is the most adorable thing you will see all day: a wide, innocent smile that expresses exactly what he’s feeling. The clip quickly went viral and has been viewed over 2 million times.

This isn’t the first time that ORB has melted hearts on social media. His father has been documenting his son’s growth since his birth, and regularly posts new clips of ORB’s development.

His page has gained over a million followers and continues to grow.

A lot of comments have been posted on the video of ORB’s response to his father’s question, with many people commenting on how cute and precious the baby is.

It’s clear that Oliver’s smile and his father’s love will stay with us for a long time. This short clip is a reminder of the beauty and innocence of childhood, and the importance of family.