Roseanne Barr Refuses To Keep Her Mouth Shut – Says She’s Going To ‘Be A Loudmouthed B****’

Roseanne Barr launched her comeback earlier this week with her new Fox Nation comedy special “Roseanne Barr: Cancel  This!” Now, Barr is sounding off about how and why she was really blacklisted by Hollywood five years ago.


Barr Sounds Off 

“Any deviation from their fascist boot in your face makes you a racist,” she explained to the Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Barr was referring to being cancelled back in 2018 after she posted a tweet comparing the former Barack Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett, who is black, to a character from the movie Planet Of The Apes.

Though Barr immediately apologized and said that she didn’t know that Jarrett was black, it was not enough for the liberal world of Hollywood. ABC quickly cancelled her beloved sitcom “Roseanne” before killing off her character and bringing the show back as “The Connors.”

“The first five people that called me a racist and said, ‘How could you do this?’ you know, they were African-American, and Sara Gilbert [Barr’s costar] is sitting there next to me, and she goes, ‘Don’t answer them. Let it go. Just let it go,’” recalled Barr, 70.

“I’m like, ‘Five in a row? I’m hardly going to let it go,’” she added. “That was always their thing, was just to say, ‘Just ignore them. Let them call you a racist….’”

“Don’t defend yourself?” Carlson asked, with Barr responding by nodding.

“I said, ‘No, I’m not going to do it your way even though you are so proper, and you just love it. I love your proper privilege, but I’m going to step out and be a loudmouthed b–ch and open my mouth. Sorry,’” she explained.

“I fell in bed and people were calling me and I couldn’t even speak,” she said. “I mean, I had a nervous breakdown. I couldn’t walk or speak or think…”

Even so, there were still positives that Barr took from the experience of being cancelled, namely being reminded how strong her Christian faith is.

“The greatest thing that I learned is my faith that has always kept me strong… there’s nothing that’s ever gonna shake it. Thank heaven,” she added. “Nothing could take me away from it, as low as it got, as hard as it got and as ugly as it got. Nothing could shake it. That was the greatest of all.”

Check out Barr’s full interview with Carlson in the video below.