World’s oldest mom gave birth to twin boys at 66, and was called selfish by her own family

Motherhood is a genuinely remarkable and exceptional obligation that is as old as our species itself. Becoming a mother is one of those life-changing events that might occur unexpectedly or as the consequence of years of patiently waiting. Whatever shape it takes, one thing we can all settle on is that it is always a blessing.

Some women become moms when they are still in their teens, bringing new life into the world. Others become pregnant later in their life. Others, however, confront issues that may prevent them from ever having a child of their own blood.

Obviously, there is no right or wrong way to do things. All infants should be honored, as should all mothers for the incredible journey they and their bodies go through in the process of creating another human being. Some women, however, such as Maria Carmen del Bousada of Cadiz, Spain, endure contempt, and in some cases, tyranny, for their decisions about when and how to have a kid.

Maria claimed in 2006 that her family was astonished when she told them she was pregnant with twins. Why? As she was 66 at the time.

As per reports, Maria, a retired shop clerk, sold her home in order to fund IVF treatment, which would allow her to become pregnant despite her advanced age. She is accused of lying to physicians at a reproductive clinic in California, claiming she was 55 years old.

Maria believed that everybody should be allowed to choose when they wish to establish a family, rather than being forced to do so by society or the assumptions for other people. She said often circumstances throw you between a rock and a hard place, and maybe things shouldn’t have been done the way they were done, but it was the only way to achieve the thing she had always longed for.

Of course, not everyone concurred with her. Members of her own family were among her harshest faultfinders, branding her selfish. Maria even said that she had kept her pregnancy a secret for a while, and that when she chose to inform them, they assumed she was kidding.

Maria became the world’s oldest mother when she gave birth to a set of healthy twin boys, Christian and Pau, in 2006. Unfortunately, she would not get to watch them grow up. The new mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer only six months after giving birth. She explained at the time that she hasn’t told them since they’re still newborns. They’re too small for this stuff.

In an unexpected change of circumstances, Maria’s family was obliged to step in and help her raise Christian and Pau. The retired mother died in 2009, after only a few brief years with her sons.

Maria’s brother Ricardo expressed that he thinks she did this too late in life, but now they’re here. The family adores these lovely guys. Not only that, but Pilar Pinto, a resident of Cadiz, where Maria lived, supplied an update on Christian and Pau’s lives. He remarked, they are carefully cared for and in excellent condition. He sees them around town all the time. Pointo continued, God didn’t allow her to enjoy her kids too much. He should have spent more time with her.

Maria, for one, stayed steadfast in her desire to have children later in life until the bitter end.

What a lovely story. Not sure what everyone thinks about this, but I believe that all women should be able to choose when they wish to have children.

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