Giant goofy Great Dane is absolutely obsessed with wearing crocs

Hooch is a shoe girl. While many dogs loathe having booties on their feets, Hooch adores it.

But that’s pretty typical for this pampered pooch.

The goofy Great Dane loves getting attention just as much as she loves making new friends.



Hooch likes to wear booties on her feet when she’s outside to protect her paws. But she doesn’t just wear any old shoe.

Hooch likes her paws to look pretty.

When her mom, Holly Smith, spotted a pair of brightly colored Crocs for dogs, she knew they would be perfect for her special big girl.

Hooch was head over paws for them as soon as she tried them on.


“She was instantly excited when I put them on, and we HAD to do a test walk,” Smith told The Dodo.

Hooch ran around in her new fancy Crocs and loved showing them off.

Hooch was all too eager to put on a fashion show and have a photo shoot.

Now Hooch can be seen wearing her Crocs pretty much all the time.

“She loves them,” Smith said. “She gets extra attention when wearing them.”

According to Smith’s Facebook page, Crocs are Hooch’s summer shoes.

She wears boots in the winter. Hooch just absolutely loves her shoes in general.

She has blue shoes and even red shoes. But we’ll let Hooch explain her love of shoes for herself.

“Hooch here to explain why she has crocs and her shoes. We live in upstate NY. Pavement can be very hot or the salt when it snows/ice rains can burn dogs’ feet,” she wrote on mom’s Facebook page.

Smith said that Hooch has been training with boots for a while now and shoes are her thing.

She doesn’t get annoyed with them at all and she tries to wear them for as long as she can.

“She actually will run away from me when I try to take the shoes off or any clothes she wears off,” Smith said.

Hooch is all about having fancy feet. She often asks her mom to paint her toes nails. Pink is her favorite nail polish since it matches her tongue.

Hooch is also very fond of playing dress-up.

You’ll find her in all kinds of fun outfits and costumes. She’ll even wear makeup every now and then and paint on her own eyebrows.

Some might say that Hooch is a bit spoiled. But she doesn’t see it that way. She’s just living a life that all dogs deserve to be living.

When she’s not strutting around in her special shoes you’ll find Hooch snuggling up in some blankets or with her “safety” turtle stuffed animal.

She also loves hanging out with her brother Buster, a German Shepherd mix, and is a big fan of the show “Critter Fixers.” But one of her favorite things to do is hang out with her “baby,” a black cat named Seal.

While it may seem like Hooch just loves attention, in reality, she can’t help but attract it with her magnetic loving personality.

Check out Hooch taking a run in her favorite shoes below.