Adorable rescue rooster sleeps with ‘mom’ every night and loves waking her up in the morning

We seldom see chickens as pets in a typical household.

This Rooster is an exception.

Meet Barth, a rescue rooster whose life has changed after being taken care of by his new Mom.

Jennifer Lewis, Barth’s rescue mom, received a message from Instagram about the chicken’s condition.

Barth lost his legs to frostbite.

Lewis responded to the call and asked the rooster to be brought into her house.

Previously named Stumpy, Barth the rooster was in such bad shape when Lewis took him in that it broke her heart.

At first, she placed Barth in their front yard laying on the grass.

Then he cuddled up to her.

With the expression in Barth’s eyes, he seems to be telling his mom, “We’re gonna do this and we will be all right.”

With Barth’s mom by his side, he has no trouble getting around, even with no legs.

He goes around town riding in a custom car seat.

Whenever they have walks, he is comfortably sitting on a special cat bag where he can see through.

Barth likes watching videos on Mom’s iPad.

Lewis usually plays cat games where things scurry across the screen and Barth tries to poke and attack them.

But Barth does not like TV that much, said Lewis.

He always gets cranky unless she gives him a pillow to bury himself in or tucks him in his blanket.

Whenever they’re sleeping, he’s also in the same bedroom as his Mom.

What happens when the cock crows?

If it’s time to wake up, Barth does what he does best, crowing.

Though he does let his Mom stay in bed for a couple of extra minutes.

Just like dogs, Barth had already known the sound of his mom’s truck.

He goes crazy when Barth hears Lewis’ truck pull in.

He’s like a Patrol Dog as Lewis mentioned in the video.

Barth loves his mom.

So much so, that he always follows her around the house.

That’s what clicked between Lewis and Barth. She said that the rooster has the most expressive eyes.

Lewis can tell what Barth is feeling just by the looks in his eyes.

Barth loves being cuddled and scratched.

He has adopted the character of an actual pet and loves being loved.

“They deserve love, they deserve attention,” Lewis said.

Since its posting, it’s already gathered over 500,000 views on YouTube.

It also got praise in the comments section.

Some users also shared their experiences with their feathery pets.

One user commented that he had raised a baby Vulture and was released in the wild. Soon after it went back to them.

Another user appreciated Lewis and said,

“I’ve never seen anything like that. That is one happy bird. And look at the life he is living! He’s the best-loved bird in the whole world. Thank you for helping the sweet little chicken.”

A user also commented, “Barth’s a cute, little fella. He’s got a lot of personalities, plus he’s affectionate; I never thought I’d see a chicken get that affectionate.”

You can follow Barth’s journey on Instagram at lipstick_and_chickens.