Donna Kelce Writing Letters for Her Sons to Read Before the Super Bowl: ‘I Hope Their Dreams Come True’

Donna Kelce couldn’t be prouder of her sons, Jason and Travis Kelce, who will both compete in Sunday’s Super Bowl.

For Jason, the fan-favorite center of the Philadelphia Eagles, and Travis, a record-breaking tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, Super Bowl LVII will be a culmination of a nearly three-decade-long sibling rivalry.

To prepare for the big day, Donna tells PEOPLE she penned letters to both of her sons that she’ll give to them on Sunday. “I wrote them both letters and I’m going to take them cookies,” Donna shares. Donna says she did something similar for her sons for Christmas, but this time she’ll be celebrating her sons’ historic NFL accomplishment as the first brothers to face off in a Super Bowl.

In her letters to Travis and Jason, Donna says she wanted “to tell them that my fingers are crossed for both of them, that I’m proud of them, and I hope their dreams come true.”

Donna has plenty to look forward to on Sunday, but the mother-of-two predicts the most emotional moment of the day for her will be before either son even touches the ball. She says she’s most looking forward to “the national anthem,” so she can take in the big moment before the game. “I have a feeling I’ll be crying through [the anthem], so as soon as that’s over, I’ll be good.”

Travis and Jason Kelce

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Luckily for Donna, she’s prepared with a neutral game-day outfit. “I’ll have a split jersey, probably,” she shares.

The mother-of-two says the most important part of her Super Bowl outfit will be a piece of jewelry she’s worn throughout the season. “I wear jewelry from my mother,” says Donna. “She passed this year. She always wore it for games, so I’m wearing it now. I wore it all season.”

The sentimental accessory is a Pandora bracelet with charms for each team, says Donna. “One is for the Eagles and one for the Chiefs; one red and one green.”

When it comes to which Kelce brother Donna thinks is more competitive, she insists, “They’re equal.”

“They do not like to lose,” says Donna. “That’s why they’re the professionals that they are. It’s give everything you can. When you don’t think you have any more in the tank, you push harder and you find out how far you can stretch yourself.”

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles will kick off Super Bowl LVII on Sunday in Arizona.