The Story of Swoop and Mowgli: How a Magpie and a Cat Became Fast Friends

Matt Owens was a volunteer firefighter working in New Zealand.

One day he noticed an injured magpie chick on the side of the rock. He took the little bird as it was too young to fly. Matt named the chick Swoop. But there was a big problem; Matt had a cat at home.

Mowgli and Swoop spent a long time until they became best friends. Matt introduced them to each other day by day and gradually animals show interest in each other. They became funny and amazing friends and Matt felt proud of them. But nothing is accidental.

The day Matt found Swoop he was informed that his father was suffering from leukemia and soon he passed away. Matt left Swoop and Mowgli at home and when he returned he couldn’t find Swoop anywhere. The magpie flew away. But Matt found another one and named it Zeus. he claimed:

“I’m a big believer that the universe just does things in its way. And this was just part of that universal plan.”