Teacher asks the children to clap their hands: But watch the boy in blue lose it

Nothing is as contagious as a laugh. You know – when someone suddenly starts to giggle and soon everyone around is laughing too.

For those who have a tendency to fall easily into fits of giggles, it can often be quite therapeutic.

A good laugh can really brighten up your whole day, those around you and they do say it’s the best medicine.

The clip you’re about to see has caught the attention of millions of people and I challenge anyone to watch it without laughing.

The teacher sits in front of the class with a guitar and sings a the song ‘Clap your Hands Together.‘

This is a great circle song and encourages children to recognize the beat of a song and get active by clapping their hands.

All the children sitting with the teacher are adorable but one little boy in blue steals the show!

The music teacher plays her guitar but stops abruptly forcing the children to pay close attention. It looks so much fun.

The boy in blue is so entertained when she stops, he starts laughing.

At one point he falls to the floor in fits of giggles. He has the best laugh and such a beautiful smile.

Not surprisingly, the boy’s genuine joy spreads around the room and before you know it, everyone is laughing.

No one really knows why, but they’re having fun!

You cannot help but laugh with him. I love to see his friend next to him so happy that he gives him a hug!

It’s as though he’s saying thank you for making him so happy. It’s so adorable.

See this joyous little soul for yourself in the clip below. I’m so thankful he was captured on camera.