He is now paying dearly for his smack. Will Smith is currently dealing with the following issues.

Will Smith faces new challenges from his Oscars face-slapping incident with Chris Rock. The sad occurrence has led the Men in Black actor to postpone a number of projects, the most recent being the comedy This Joka. Will’s Roku show, for which he served as executive producer, did not receive a second season order.

The Netflix original film Fast and Loose, featuring Will Smith, has been canceled. In the thriller, Will was set to play a mafia leader who loses his memory, but the project has been delayed. Even though the streaming service declared it had “nothing to do with the Oscars event,” this comes at a bad moment for the star.

Apple TV+ declined to comment on the alleged 2022 film Emancipation, a biopic of abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Sony halted work on Bad Boys 4 due to the aftermath of the Oscars incident. Due to the incident, Will Smith has been barred from attending Academy events for the next ten years.

We’d want to offer our heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Rock for managing the issue so calmly. “We appreciate our hosts’, nominees’, presenters’, and winners’ professionalism and composure during our program.” The Academy also issued a statement expressing regret for handling the incident.

Will delivered an emotional speech to discuss his actions when he announced his resignation from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. “I responded immediately to the Academy’s notice of the disciplinary hearing,” he asserted.

“And I intend to assume full responsibility for my actions.” Will, who received a standing ovation and won Best Actor for King Richard, said, “I am grateful for the Academy’s decision.”

“I acted inappropriately at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony. Many individuals have been harmed as a result of my actions, including Chris, his family, countless friends and loved ones, everyone present, and spectators across the world who were watching at home. I betrayed the Academy’s trust.”

In a statement to the press, he “deprived other nominees and winners of the opportunity to honor and be rewarded for their remarkable efforts.”

“I want the Academy to keep doing the excellent job it does of supporting innovation and aesthetic expression in film,” he concluded. “I want the spotlight to shine on those who deserve it for their accomplishments.”

Will concluded his statement by announcing his resignation from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and agreeing to take whatever additional action the Board deems necessary.

He described the change as a process. He also stated that he is committed to making the required sacrifices to ensure that violence never again triumphs over reason.