Tired mom makes clever ‘fake hand’ to soothe her crying baby to sleep – the internet loves it

Being a mom is no one’s idea of an easy task. It’s a demanding full-time job that requires the utmost devotion and unwavering energy. In short, it’s really, really difficult.

If it’s not feeding, it’s diaper changing, if it’s not waking up in the middle of the night, it’s rocking them to sleep whilst your ears are filled with crying.

Taking care of a newborn can be a 24/7 job which drains you like nothing else, which is why Massachusetts mom of two Abigail Rivera Garcia has stumbled upon something of a hack all mothers might want to look at …

Both of Abigail’s children – 16-month-old Jeremiah and 2-month-old Anayah – were born prematurely, and so require extra care.

On top of this, Anayah has colic and reflux, resulting in her being “super cranky” and in need of extra attention.

As per Love What Matters, 23-year-old Abigail said: “It got to the point where I couldn’t put her down for more than 10 minutes without her crying.”

With her need for assistance growing to the point of desperation, Abigail turned to the internet to find a solution to the problem. As it so often does, the web provided her with a hack that, it transpires, is perfect.

Abigail took a plastic glove, filled it up with rice and tied it tight at the bottom. What she was left with was effectively a “fake hand”.

As the mom explains: “The moment I laid her down and placed the glove on her back, she stopped crying which was such a relief!”

Yes, strange as it might seem, Anayah apparently slept like a log, all thanks to the comforting touch of a rice-filled glove.

Abigail soon took to Facebook to share her good news, with the subsequent post garnering over 75,000 shares.

I certainly never knew this was a thing. It pains me to think how many extra hours sleep I might have got when my children were young if I had!

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