Husband surprises wife by moving into her care home, hugs her tightly after being kept apart for months

Many of us dream that we will be able to spend our last moments on earth with people who are close to us and mean a lot to us. Harry and Doreen Wilsden had similar plans but then life forced them apart…

This is the story of how true love has the power to overcome just about anything.

Doreen was only 16 years old when she saw Harry for the first time. The couple got to know one another better and after a few years, they decided to tie the knot.

While Doreen held down a job as a nurse in a school in Darlington, England. Harry switched between many jobs and professions including working as a postman for the Royal Mail service to serving as a fireman for steam engines. Harry very much enjoyed switching careers.

Like most couples, they stuck together through thick and thin. They had two daughters together, Christine and Ann, and years later welcomed a grandchild; Laura.

The couple nurtured their daughters endlessly and made sure that they had everything that they needed. Harry showered attention on his two girls; always entertaining them with stories about his work.

Both their daughters had always thought of their parents together at all times so when life forced them to be apart, it was a new experience for them too.

In their sixty years together, the couple had seen it all. They had seen how technology had modernized so much that people could use the internet and smartphones to constantly stay connected to one another.

The pandemic showed them another historic event where human beings had to quickly adjust. The virus was a novel one and affected people without discrimination.

Harry caught the deadly virus at 91 years old. Before he had tested positive for Covid, the family had been planning to send Harry and Doreen to Grange Care Home in Darlington, England. They thought their ages were much too advanced to be able to take care of one another.

Things were according to plan until Harry tested positive for Covid. Harry had to isolate apart from the rest of his family.

Doreen went on to the care home alone while Harry was admitted to the hospital. Everyone thought the couple might not be able to see one another again because of the various restrictions that came with testing positive.

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