“She had finished life”: Prince Harry recalls final words to the Queen after she died

Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare has been the talk of the town among royal fans for months.

Since the confirmation that he was indeed writing a book, Harry and Meghan have not exactly been keeping a low profile. In December, the couple dropped their Netflix series, revealing several new things about their life as royals.

More recently, just days before his book’s release, Harry shared even more candid revelations, discussing, amongst other things, the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

Harry and Meghan were in the UK at the time of the Queen’s passing. However, Meghan wasn’t invited to Balmoral when the family gathered on the day of Her Majesty’s passing. Instead, Harry traveled to the Scottish estate alone. As was the case his brother, Prince William, he arrived after she had passed.

In a new interview with 60 Minutes, the prince revealed his side of what really happened on the day that the Queen passed away. Not only that, but he also claimed he was offered time alone with his beloved grandmother after her death.

With the two of them in the same room, he whispered a very particular thing to her.

2022 became one of the British Royal Family’s most eventful years in modern history. The year started with celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking her 70 years on the throne. However, as months passed, the joy became sorrow – and, later on, even anger.

In September 2022, Queen Elizabeth sadly passed away. The whole world mourned the beloved monarch, and the funeral for the Queen was held about a week after her passing. It was watched by 28 million viewers in the UK alone, while millions more followed from around the world.

After the State Funeral at Westminster Abbey, Queen Elizabeth’s coffin traveled through the streets of London to Wellington Arch in Procession. From Wellington Arch, the coffin went to Windsor, and once there, the hearse continued in Procession to St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, via the Long Walk. At St George’s Chapel, another funeral service was held.

The Choir of St George’s Chapel sang during the funeral service at St George’s Chapel. Then, before the “final Hymn,” Queen Elizabeth’s imperial state crown, the Orb, and the Sceptre were removed from her coffin and placed on the altar.

Next, King Charles put his mother’s Company Camp Colour of the Grenadier Guards on her casket before The Lord Chamberlain broke his Wand of Office and placed it down.

As her Majesty’s coffin was lowered into the Royal Vault, the guests sang God Save The King. Charles grew visibly emotional, fighting back the tears. Later on Monday evening, a small, private burial service was held without cameras and with only the closest family members in attendance.

The Queen now rests in the King George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle, alongside her parents and sister Princess Margaret. But also alongside her husband.

After his passing, Philip’s coffin was placed in the royal vault below St. George’s Chapel. Then, he was relocated and lain with the Queen at the King George VI Memorial Chapel, where, some weeks after the funeral, people were once again invited to pay their respects.

Harry didn’t make it to Balmoral before Queen Elizabeth passed away
For weeks after the funeral, circumstances surrounding Queen Elizabeth’s cause of death were largely kept a secret. The Daily Mail reported that a Scottish government department had been accused of being secretive and blocking legitimate attempts to obtain a copy of Her Majesty’s death certificate – this despite the fact many believed it should be a matter of public record.

“Despite MailOnline and other media outlets attempting to obtain the information from the National Records of Scotland (NRS), the public body has blocked its staff from providing any details relating to the Queen’s death on September 8,” the Daily Mail wrote at the time.

In late September, the registered cause of death was released. Queen Elizabeth’s cause of death was “old age,” without adding any further details.

The National Records of Scotland’s Chief Executive, Paul Lowe, confirmed that her passing was registered in Aberdeenshire on September 16.

The document – signed by the Queen’s daughter, Princess Anne – states that Her Majesty passed away at 3.10 P.M. on September 8 at Balmoral Castle. Buckingham Palace announced Queen Elizabeth’s passing around three hours after she died.

King Charles and Camilla were at the Queen’s side when she passed. But, unfortunately, neither William, Kate, nor Harry made it to Balmoral to say their goodbyes before she died.

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