Grandpa cries holding granddaughter named after beloved late wife for the first time

I’m too young to have grandchildren of my own, but I will never forget the sheer outpouring of love and affection I received every day I got to spend time my grandmother and grandfather.

For many people, trips to our grandparents’ are often associated with kindness and warmth. As a parent, I can only imagine the pride when one’s own child becomes a parent in their own right. So I guess it’s no surprise that there’s often a switch when an individual becomes a grandparent.

In any case, you aren’t likely to find many stories that bring you to the brink of tears quite like this one. It concerns an elderly man whose reaction to holding his new granddaughter has stolen the hearts of people all over the internet …

As per reports, Ashley Lemieux and her husband were all set to welcome their baby boy, Jayce, into the world in 2020.

Sadly, fate had other plans for the young family, and little Jayce didn’t survive.

Naturally, Ashley and her partner were devastated. Ashley tried to explain her feelings in an emotional Instagram post, writing: “I miss him so much it physically hurts.”

Yet it wasn’t long before Ashley fell pregnant again. Giving birth to their baby girl, Annie Rae, helped to assuage some of the grief Ashley and her husband still felt over Jayce’s loss.

What’s more, they were over the moon at being able to introduce their daughter to the rest of their family, including Ashley’s grandfather, who had suffered a loss of his own in the recent past.

As per reports, Ashley named her baby Annie Rae after her grandmother, Anna, who had passed away not long before the little girl was born. When Annie Rae’s grandfather came to Wisconsin to visit, Ashley recorded the moment he held his granddaughter for the first time.

In the video, Ashley’s grandfather holds his wife’s namesake, beaming with pride. He even holds the baby’s hand, smiling from ear to ear with adoration.

Ashley explained: “He loved my grandma so much, and he’s not usually an emotional person, but them sharing a part of her name meant a lot to him.”

Ashley uploaded the video of the heartwarming interaction to Instagram, where it proved to be a big hit.

Wow, this story really tugs on the heart strings. We’re wishing this family all the very best moving forward.

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