I left the house with my grandson, I told my daughter-in-law that we were coming in late, but since my blood pressure was up, we came back early. I opened the door and saw my daughter-in-law in such a state that my blood pressure still went up.

It was two days ago, I decided to take my grandson to the amusement park. My son was at work, my daughter-in-law was home alone.

I told my daughter-in-law that we were coming late.

But then at the amusement park my blood pressure skyrocketed and we had to go home.
We arrived home. I opened the door of the house and saw my daughter-in-law sitting in her robe talking warmly with our neighbour.

Seeing me, she was embarrassed. And my neighbour also got up and quickly left the house. She asked me not to say anything to my husband, but I had to tell him everything.