11-year-old delivers baby brother, saves mom’s life

Shyanne Eck wanted to be present for her little brother’s birth, but she had no idea how involved she would be. When her mom Jordan went into labor, there was no time to wait for an ambulance.

Since Shyanne was the only one at home, it was up to her to help her mom deliver the baby. First off, she called 911 and informed the operator about the situation at hand.

A medical professional stayed on the line with her as Shyanne and Jordan prepared to deliver the baby in the bathroom. He talked Shyanne through the delivery as the head, and then the shoulders were born.

Finally, Shyanne helped her mom out by gently pulling on the baby’s shoulders while Jordan gave one last push. By the time the EMTs arrived, all they had to do was cut the cord.

They took Jordan and her new baby to the hospital for a routine check-up, but both mom and baby were feeling fine. Jordan admits she was so grateful her daughter was there to help her.

She said that Shyanne is so level-headed. Jordan knew her daughter could handle the responsibility. Shyanne was shocked at the situation at first, but doubled down, knowing her mom needed her.

What a brave girl to stay so calm and collected in such an emergency situation! No doubt, Shyanne and her baby brother will always share a special connection because of his spectacular birth.