23 Old Pics Of Parenting That Wouldn’t Go Over Well Today

More than likely, you’ve heard your mom or dad say something along these lines, “Parenting today is no different than it was when you were little.” Does that sound familiar? In theory, that seems about right but in reality, it’s far from true.

As you’ll see, some of the parenting skills that mothers and fathers used simply don’t apply today. Look, kids are still kids but the challenges they face have changed dramatically over the years. For that reason, parents have to adjust how they mentor and discipline.

Stay out of the beer
As this photo shows, some parents allowed their small children to take a swig, or in this case, a gulp of beer. Today, if an adult saw this happening, you could expect to have CPS show up at your door. On the bright side … those kids probably slept great.
Best Father of the Year award goes to…
,..not this dad. Okay, his child was likely just holding the can of beer. What’s with all this underage drinking?
Just don’t inhale
Whose bright idea was it to leave a nasty cigarette tray filled with dirty butts next to this kid’s birthday cake? A lot of parents today don’t smoke. And for those who do, they often keep their vice hidden, especially from the children.
Safety first
Thanks to years of data and advanced technology, kids are now safer than ever. Even on a chairlift, you’ll find super-secure harnesses or bars. But back in the day, mom’s arm had to do.
Such a nice kitty
Yeah, that wasn’t a good idea. Unfortunately, some parents have had to learn the hard way that allowing something like this is a disaster waiting to happen. Cute photo, though.
Ah, the hippie days
The 1970s were all about free love, partying, and apparently, smoking marijuana around a newborn baby. If these parents knew then what they know now, they’d shutter. Today, nothing even close to this would fly.
Who needs a secure barrier?
Well, it seems like this girl didn’t. Not only have zoos dramatically changed how they protect visitors but if this happened today, this child’s mom or dad would frantically pull her away. But in 1970, no one had a care in the world.
The new family pet
With parents who work as veterinarians, what do you expect? Of course, an ordinary cat or dog wouldn’t do. Giving this kind of animal to a child now would be highly frowned upon.
That’s one cool kid
Okay, not really. But in 1958 when this photo was taken, he sure thought he was. Even if this was a staged photo, his parents should’ve had their heads examined.
Is that even legal?
Even if it is, it’s certainly not ethical. Just imagine if this baby’s mom or dad took a nasty spill. On second thought, don’t let your mind go there.
What’s with all the big cats?
During the 1970s, owning a pet lion or tiger must’ve been all the rage. Yes, these animals can be gentle. But at the same time, they’re carnivores always on the hunt for prey.
Just a night of bar hopping
We’re not even sure if babies are allowed in bars today. But in the 1980s, it was no big deal. For parents who wanted to enjoy a cocktail, or two, possibly three, they just took the baby along for the ride.
Playing grownup
At just 13-years-old, this boy wanted to blend in with the adults. What better way than to take a swig of whiskey. The scary part … none of the men seemed to notice or care.
Can’t swim? No problem
Can you fathom a parent using this technique today to teach their children how to swim? You can bet someone nearby would dial 911. This probably traumatized the kids for life.
Ran out of milk
That might be the case but this mom had a perfect solution. Just give the kid some beer. Incredibly, she seems so nonchalant about the whole thing.
My how times have changed
For starters, this woman was served roasted chicken while in the hospital after giving birth. On that point, she’s lucky considering hospital food today looks nothing that. But even crazier, she’s smoking.
Cute toy
What, you mean that’s not a toy? Nope … in 1956, this was an actual baby car seat, you know, the kind that’s supposed to protect them in the event of an accident. Thank goodness, safety standards have come a long way.
Can you get it any closer?
When it comes to fireworks, today’s parents are super careful. After all, it doesn’t take much for a child to sustain an injury or worse. But in this dad’s eyes, he was carefully supervising his young daughter … nice daisy dukes by the way.
Slip sliding away
One hard tap on the brakes and that baby will be on the floorboard. And yes, this is another version of a baby car seat, this time from 1968. This kid doesn’t even look comfortable not to mention the potential danger she’s in.
Giddy up horse
At just two years of age, this little girl probably didn’t know the difference between a horse and a bear. But her parents sure did. Even in the progressive world that we live in, riding an elephant or camel is as far it goes.

Finding dad’s stash
This is wrong on so many levels. But what’s most fascinating is the different facial expressions. The dad seems quite pleased with himself, mom looks like she’s okay with this, the little brother has that “over the moon” look, and the older brother, well, he appears to be mortified.
Like father like son
And to think this was taken in 1982 at a time when parents should’ve known better. As you can see, the little boy is dressed in a work uniform just like the one worn by his dad. That part’s okay … the smoking, yeah, not so much.
What an incredible bargain
This baby “car seat” was only $1.88. But because parents could also use it as a child leash, the price was a steal. We’ll never know how baby boomers survived.