At 64 Andie Macdowell Is Happy With Her Gray Hair And Wrinkles, Ignoring Criticism: ‘I Feel More Honest’

It might be difficult to age as a renowned figure in Hollywood. With continual scrutiny from innumerable followers, it’s no surprise that many actors resort to cosmetic surgery to retain their young appearance.

Not every star, though, believes that aging is a terrible thing. Andie MacDowell never sought to disguise her symptoms of age, choosing to flaunt her maturity.

The “St. Elmo’s Fire” actress recalled a story from when she was 40 years old. Many reporters were interested in her age at the time, and they all desired to understand how she thought about becoming older. When a journalist questioned how she felt about losing her attractiveness, she said that she truly doesn’t feel like she is losing her attractiveness. It simply seems like a different type of beauty to her.

MacDowell pushed for respecting natural beauty as she grew older. Although she never criticized someone for having cosmetic surgery, she stated that she would never have it done on herself. She considers natural aging to be a lovely phase.

The actress confesses to having tried Botox once but disliked it and never did it again. She also revealed that she previously visited a plastic surgeon and departed after a quick consultation, believing she would never return.

Rather than having plastic surgery, MacDowell strives to care for her skin by getting facials and taking care of herself. The actress stated that she has come to terms with herself and who she has become over the years.

MacDowell has worked as a spokeswoman for the cosmetics business L’Oréal throughout her career. She stated that working for a well-known company has been excellent since they have always been supportive of her and have enabled her to embrace aging.

MacDowell has had to come to terms with the reality that she is getting older throughout the years, but she has realized that aging isn’t as fatal as many people believe. The actress learnt to be proud of her age.

MacDowell lately made a big statement by refusing to dye her hair as she matured. She spoke openly about her choice, stating that it was primarily influenced by her kids.

MacDowell claimed that she began to turn grey at the beginning of the lockdown. She visited her kids frequently during the quarantine because they lived close to her, and when her hair began to grey, her kids continuously supported her.

MacDowell opted to preserve her natural hair color after hearing encouraging remarks from her kids. Her management first advised her not to follow the natural path, instead advising her to dye her hair. She was adamantly opposed.

MacDowell advised them that now was the moment to show off her greying hair. The actress claimed that she had always liked the distinct appearance of hair that hadn’t gone completely grey, and that she would miss her chance if she waited any longer.

Soon after, she received an offer for a new project, and she had to make a decision. MacDowell chose to stand firm, and she hasn’t looked back since. She enjoys her new all-natural haircut and seems to be at ease with herself.

Obviously, there was always some concern about how the shift would be received by others. MacDowell said she contemplated having a variety of wigs on hand just in case she angered anyone.

Fortunately, once she was out in the world, she learned she didn’t have to please anybody but herself. She was enjoying her new hair and the act of aging. She wasn’t about to conceal her age for anyone.

MacDowell revealed what else motivated her to preserve her natural hair color. She explained that she saw other ordinary ladies on Instagram making the move and that she admired their confidence.

She also stated that her hair and features no longer looked to match. Her creases on her face were visible. Her youthfulness looked at odds with the creases on her face when she tinted her hair.

MacDowell felt great after deciding to keep with her original hair color. She felt she could be herself without feeling self-conscious. She thought she was lovely just for being herself.

She understood that by stepping out into the public with her natural hair, she could speak for those women who feel the need to conceal who they are. She began utilizing her platforms to motivate others, much like the other strong women who had influenced her.

In an industry where aging might indicate the end of your profession, especially for women, MacDowell has always been open about her age. Despite the danger, she realized she didn’t want to conceal her identity.

Although MacDowell received a lot of love from her followers, not all felt her natural hair color was a smart option. Some admirers expressed their opinions by suggesting that the actress dye her hair.

MacDowell recently revealed that her son and his wife are expecting a child. The actress has 3 kids and is expecting her first grandchild. She announced her pregnancy in a post and expressed her excitement about being a grandmother.