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Sometimes, expressions are used so often in movies, TV shows or other pop culture that we take for granted that we know what they mean. We may even start using them incorrectly, without truly understanding. One example is “20/20 vision.” You’ve almost certainly heard someone claim to have “20/20 vision” to suggest their eyes are perfect, but is that really what it means?

What is 20/20 Vision?
20/20 is one possible score from a visual acuity test, which is conducted as part of a comprehensive eye exam. Most people are familiar with the Snellen visual acuity test, which requires reading a series of decreasingly small letters from a chart on the eye doctor’s wall. Another version is the Random E test, in which you identify the direction the capital letter E is facing as the eye doctor shows it to you through a series of lenses. These tests are designed to evaluate your ability to distinguish details and shapes of objects. A score of 20/20 on a visual acuity test means that you have normal vision.