My boy was fighting with my daughter-in-law because she was wearing a nice short. I was also present at this dispute and look what I did. After I said what I had to say, my daughter-in-law came crying and hugged me

My daughter-in-law dresses very openly and feels very good about it. What can I say, beautiful girl, she has a beautiful figure, why shouldn’t she wear it? If it suits her, then let she wear it, especially if it’s not oversize and not vulgar. She is very beautiful, I look at her and remember my stupidity and get upset that neither my husband nor my father would let me dress like that.

On that day, my daughter-in-law and my son were going to a birthday party, my daughter-in-law was wearing a beautiful dress, and when the boy saw her, he started fighting: what are you wearing, go change, we’re not going anywhere like that and made the poor girl cry. Look, I turned around and said something like that, the boy had no other option.

I said: boy, you’re not ashamed of what you’re wearing,you’re spoiling her mood, so you are so insecure that you forbid your wife not to wear shorts. What are you upset about, the pretty girl’s appearance will not change the place even if she leaves the house. Enjoy the match, feel good that you have such a beautiful wife, don’t fight.

After my words, my daughter-in-law came crying and hugged me, and my son said :go get yourself in order, let’s go out so we won’t be late.