Three of the dog lifeguards in service at the Italian sea resort saved the lives of 14 people, including 8 children

The incident took place in the municipality of Sperlonga, which is located between Rome and Naples. Rescue dogs brought 3 families back to shore, who were far out to sea.

Members of 3 families rested in the sea, swimming on air mattresses and other watercraft 100 meters from the shore. Among them were 8 children. Suddenly the waves rose and people began to be carried further and further into the sea. They could not swim to the shore, and some of them fell into the water. People had to call for help. One girl who was on the beach realized that people were in danger. She ran for the rescuers to the station, which was nearby.

3 rescue dogs of the Labrador breed were sent to help. The dogs swam back and forth several times and within 20 minutes all the vacationers were on the beach. 4-year-old Eros, 7-year-old Mya and 5-year-old Mira were hailed as heroes on the beach.

The rescue was watched by over 400 people who were on the beach at the time. When all the rescued were safe, the dogs were applauded loudly. Armando Cusan, mayor of Sperlonga, said the decision to include dogs in the rescue service was absolutely correct.