Heroic boys rushed to save their friend’s three dogs when a house fire threatened their lives

This story took place a little over a month ago. Two boys, Anthony Lombardi, 12, and his friend Mario Comella, 13, rode bicycles. While riding, the guys heard the fire alarm go off in their friend’s house.

They took out their phone and dialed that friend’s number. The boy explained that the whole family had gone to celebrate the New Year with friends. Anthony and Mario were asked to see what was happening in the house, if it was a false alarm.

The boys approached the house and recoiled: the smoke was so acrid that it became impossible to breathe. They were going to call the fire department. But they heard a bark from the burning house. The boys’ hearts sank: it meant that the friend’s three pets had been staying at home all this time.

The firefighters would or would not be in time, it didn’t matter, the dogs could easily die in their fiery trap. The guys themselves still cannot understand how they managed to open the door relatively quickly. Two pets immediately jumped out of the house. But there was a third one – a German shepherd puppy.

The matter was complicated by the fact that he was in his cage and could not get out on his own. Anthony dialed 911, and Mario, defying the danger, rushed into the house. He managed and all three pets were saved. It turned out that in some incomprehensible way, while playing dogs turned on the electric stove at full power. Then a nearby wooden cutting board began to smoke and catch fire. And the fire began.

Anthony and Mario became local celebrities, appearing on all the talk shows. But the boys do not consider themselves heroes at all. Here is what Mario said: “A year before this story, my uncle’s dogs died in a fire. So I just couldn’t let this happen to my friend.” Special thanks to the guys were expressed by the owners of the house – John Salisbury and Athena DiBenedetto. The modest boys did not want to listen to anything: “The main thing is that everyone is alive and well, and even the dogs were not injured.”