A stray dog pit bull Daya after losing her babies found comfort in taking care of an orphaned puppy named Raisin

Two unhappy stray dogs overcame their difficulties encountered in their lives in founding consolation in each other. This heartbreaking story touched the hearts of many people, showing how love, kindness and devotion can help to defeat any obstacles in life.

A stray dog, who was wondering in York streets in South Carolina, was spotted by the officers of the Animal Control. It was very cold night. The officers noticed that pit bull dog Daya was pregnant, so she needed a shelter as quickly as possible. The workers of Halfway Rescue, agreeing to foster her at their shelter, took her under their control immediately.

Soon the medial checks showed that the poor dog had problems and needed an urgent operation. Not only her unborn babies, but also her life, was in danger. Unfortunately, poor Daya lost her babies, and luckily she could survive. But the poor dog’s heart was broken, she looked so sad and unhappy.

But everything has changed when one day a rescued orphaned black puppy arrived at the shelter. He looked very frightened, confused and unhappy. She was also found on the York streets. The little puppy, named Raisin, had, obviously, hard life. One of her eyes was badly injured. When the workers of the Halfway Rescue introduced Raisin to Daya, something wonderful happened.

Daya, immediately accepted poor puppy, as, if he saw in him her unborn baby, and Raisin found suddenly comfort, who was deprived of mother love. It seemed like two broken pieces fixed. Their beautiful relationship seemed to heal both of them. Later, both Daya and Raisin were adopted and found a new wonderful home, but they, apparently, will never forget each other. Watch the beautiful story below!