I was confined to a wheelchair after a car accident. My mother-in-law called me useless in front of guests yesterday. see what my father-in-law did after that

Unfortunately, my life did not turn out the way I had dreamed and planned. All my dreams were shattered when I was told I would never walk again. My husband and I were driving home from Vegas when we had an accident. I woke up in the hospital and when I saw everyone’s frowning faces, I knew something was wrong. I asked about my husband right away, and they said he was fine, he had minor fractures and I would be able to see him soon. When I realized that I couldn’t move my legs, they told me that I had a long treatment ahead of me, and now I had to be in a wheelchair.

As time went on, I learned the whole truth. I would not walk again. My life became dark, all I could think about was my son, and how I would raise him like this. My husband helps me with everything, but my mother-in-law, who has been against our relationship since day one, is hostile to me.

Yesterday when there were guests in the house she insulted me in front of everyone, saying that I was a useless thing to her. After my mother-in-law’s words tears came from my eyes.

My husband was not there at that moment, and look what my father-in-law said after her words in front of everyone:

  • This girl is a golden child, it does not matter, with or without legs, she will find her place in this life, raise a child and earn money. The most important thing is that she has a good heart. Also, it’s your son’s fault that this girl can’t walk today, realize that and shut your mouth.