Customers step up for a man with Down Syndrome getting insulted for being slow to take the restaurants orders

Most of us are happy to see people with disabilities succeed in the world, appear on television, get modeling contracts, and achieve their educational and professional goals, whatever they may be. Unfortunately, there are still people living in the past who feel that this important part of our society does not have the right to be independent.

An episode of “What Would You Do” with John Quinones aimed to address this issue when restaurant patrons were shown a man verbally harassing another patron due to his disability. In the clip, a lady quickly decided she had heard enough.

People with Down syndrome can now achieve great things, hold high positions and help shape society for the better. Despite all these positive achievements, there are still ignorant people with little or no patience or understanding.

In the video below, a man with Down syndrome sat at a table anxiously waiting for the waitress to take his order. When I asked the waitress what he wanted she was asked about some of the menu items. In the staged scenario, another man begins to vent his frustration and treats him with absolute disrespect.

The event was set up to see how other patrons would react – not knowing it was being filmed. You can see how they did it in the video below. A woman gets so angry that she shivers.