Woman visits the shelter’s Facebook page and sees her beloved cat that went missing two years ago

For three years, Jimmy the cat had to wander away from his family until the social media Facebook helped them reunite. According to Sue Zelitzky, Jimmy’s owner, their cat has always been a mischievous one.

He loved to go out without asking, wander along the paths, until one day he did not return. “Jimmy always came back home, but that night he didn’t,” says Sue. In the fall of 2014, Jimmy turned 13.

The family searched their pet, they called him everywhere, asked friends, put up fliers all over the neighborhood, but all in vain – Jimmy was not there. For a long time Zelitsky did not want to put up with the idea that they had lost their beloved pet forever, but the facts were too cruel, and time is fleeting. Almost three years after the tragedy, Sue was browsing her Facebook feed and read a post from the Milford shelter about a stray cat that had once been picked up on the street.

The cat in the photo looked just like Jimmy. After exchanging messages under the post, it became clear that this is indeed her beloved Jimmy. Sue immediately drove to the shelter, taking her neighbor with her, whom Jimmy loved very much. At the first glance at the animal, the woman realized that it was Jimmy who was in front of her.

“I asked the cat:” Jim, is that you? ” And he came up and nudged me with his head. There I started crying,” says Sue. Now Jimmy is almost 16 years old, he is happy to be back home. The old dog immediately recognized his playmate, a couple of small kittens that came to Sue after Jimmy had disappeared, also happily rushed to meet the cat.