Officer Saby, a German Shepherd, saved the life of a 90-year-old woman with dementia lost in the forest

Saby is a wonderful dog with a brave heart. He serves in the police, and he had to complete another task together with his friend – an officer named Dustin.

One day, concerned people turned to the police. They reported that their old relative Loudell Hubbard, suffering from dementia, suddenly disappeared. The old woman, who is already 90 years old, went out into the woods and moved quite far from her home in Birmingham.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Hubbard was unable to find her way back. The worried relatives did not know what to think, but very much hoped that she would be found. Meanwhile, a frightened woman tried to get out of the woods, but, in the end, she got lost.

She did not even have a sip of water with her, and the stick, with which the old woman usually walked, remained at home. Desperate, Loudell fell by the dry stream from exhaustion. The woman was seized with fear, because she did not even understand how she ended up in this area. All she had to do was just wait for help to arrive. While the old woman was in trouble, the police searched the neighborhood.

The faithful Saby was with them. He was sensitively listening to everything that was happening around him, and suddenly a rustle came to him. Sharp canine hearing instantly caught the right place where the sounds were coming from, and he picked up the trail. Seeing that the dog was headed somewhere confidently, Dustin and colleagues went to get the dog. They felt that the shepherd dog would help in this situation. Indeed, the clever dog got out to the right road and went straight to where the elderly woman had already been for 12 hours.

Soon Saby brought them to an old woman who, luckily, was alive! Mrs. Hubbard was given first aid and then put on a stretcher. Soon she was hospitalized, and the doctors received an elderly patient. The happy news came from the hospital that everything was fine and the woman was not hurt! And all this thanks to the clever shepherd who managed to find missing Lauddel! Everyone was just happy that the old woman survived, and, of course, thanked the smart dog for saving her!