Jerry Lee Lewis Shocks Fans With Unexpected ‘Old Rugged Cross’ Performance

Jerry Lee Lewis is an iconic singer and songwriter who has been well known since the stature of his career during the 50s. In spite of being in his eighties, Jerry is as yet known as one of the most famous rockstars on the planet. He is at times called by his moniker, The Killer. He is frequently alluded to as the primary crazy man in rock and roll history.

Albeit many wild demonstrations and remarkable stage shenanigans have followed, Jerry Lee Lewis will continuously be recognized as a trailblazer in the rockabilly and rock and roll types. He recorded his first collection at the renowned recording studio Sun Records in 1956.

His career has crossed quite a few years and has produced a dependable fanbase that is fanned out across various ages. Jerry has a not insignificant rundown of hit songs and rock classics. He has turned into a commonly recognized name that will undoubtedly stay applicable for a long time into the future.

Despite the fact that Jerry is eighty-years of age, he actually visits the spotlight now and again. He was once a visitor on The Monday Night Concerts show in 1997. The show was facilitated by the popular Ricky Skaggs. During the meeting, Ricky got some information about the main song that he had at any point learned on piano.

Jerry needed to take a couple of seconds to think about the inquiry. All things considered, he had advanced piano from an early age. Following a few seconds of cautious pondering, Jerry uncovered the “Old Rugged Cross” was the principal song that he had learned on piano.

The crowd cheered at the iconic song decision. “Old Rugged Cross” is a well known song that was composed by evangelist George Bennard in 1912. Many individuals find the song motivational. Jerry Lee Lewis is plainly one of those individuals who draw otherworldly significance from the song.

Subsequent to hearing the crowd cheer with fervor, obviously Jerry wanted to play out the song. Skaggs was amped up for the improvised presentation. He gave Jerry the stage and let the rock and roll symbol handle the rest.

Without a second thought, Jerry continued to give a chilling interpretation of the classic psalm. There was definitely not a dry eye in the whole studio during that moving exhibition.

The group was totally quiet until Jerry completed the song. Skaggs and the whole crowd was floored by the astounding execution. Without any planning or practice, Jerry Lee Lewis had the option to give an iconic presentation that actually becomes discussed today.