Four boys who died falling into frozen lake are named and pictured

The four boys who tragically died after falling through an icy lake have been named and pictured.

On Sunday (11 December), the group had been playing at Babbs Mill Park in Solihull, West Midlands, when the shocking incident unfolded.

After emergency services showed up, the boys were pulled out of the lake and rushed to hospital.

Tragically, eight-year-old Finlay Butler, his 11-year-old cousin Thomas Stewart and 10-year-old Jack Johnson – who risked his life trying to save the boys – couldn’t be revived.

Finlay’s brother Samuel, six, remained in critical condition but passed away yesterday (14 December).

Brothers Finlay and Samuel Butler (left) and their cousin Thomas Stewart (right) sadly lost their lives. Credit: West Midlands Police
Brothers Finlay and Samuel Butler (left) and their cousin Thomas Stewart (right) sadly lost their lives. Credit: West Midlands Police
The families of the victims have shared photos of their ‘beautiful boys’, while paying tribute in statements posted by West Midlands Police.

Finlay, Samuel and Thomas’ relatives said: “As a family we are devastated at the loss of our beautiful boys Tom, Fin and Sam in such tragic circumstances.

“We would like to thank the emergency services for all they did in rescuing the boys and to the community for their support, it has been overwhelming.

“We would like to pass on our condolences to Jack’s family at this very sad time, and ask for privacy from the media to begin to grieve.”

Prior to the six-year-old’s passing, Thomas’ older brother paid tribute to him and his cousin, writing: “Thomas was such a lively little soul, he had a big heart for such a young kid and he was so beautiful.

“He loved being outside playing with his mates. I love you Tom, big bro will take care of the family and I will see you soon. Make sure you keep practising on warzone and get a win, will you?

“Can’t forget about my dinosaur man Fin, he loved dinosaurs so much and always showing me new things he built on Minecraft and all the new stuff he learnt on it. Gonna miss you little man.”

When the incident unfolded, members of the public and police officers had attempted to rescue the children.

But it was specialist water rescue-trained firefighters who managed to reach the group and pull them from the water.

Temperatures in the area are thought to have been as low as 1°C (34°F) at the time the boys fell in the lake, falling to -3°C (26°F) overnight.

Authorities were said to be conducting searches of the lake after reports that as many as six boys fell in, but West Midlands Police confirmed that extensive searches were carried out and have now concluded.

Superintendent Rich Harris said: “This is a tragedy beyond words and a grief that is unimaginable for the families and friends of the boys.

“The support from the community has been overwhelming, not just for the bereaved families, but also for the emergency services, for which we are extremely grateful.

“Our officers will remain in the area in the coming days. Please come and speak to us if you need to.”