A New Mother Calls A Repairman To Fix Her Furnace and Finds A Note On Her Bill That The Repairman Writes To Her

Sometimes the good news comes just before the bad. For Jesse and Maria Holcher, good news comes in its happiest form. The two welcomed a new baby into their lives. Maria and the baby stayed in the hospital while Jesse drove home with the family’s two-year-old. Upon returning home, Jesse learned the bad news. The oven has stopped working.

The situation was further complicated by an impending blizzard. Seeing the oven off is never a good thing. A very low temperature with the expectation of a new baby joining a two-year-old makes things even more difficult. Jesse did what most people in the situation would do. Contact the repair service. The repair department

Jesse’s frantic phone call with Magnuson Sheet Metal earned full marks. Tell the person on the other end that the oven isn’t working and a newborn is coming home. The service dispatched a repairman without delay.

Then the bill came. Specifically, a blank invoice arrived with a happy note. Magnuson Sheet Metal does not charge any fees for repair work. Instead, the bill came with an inscription telling the father and mother to take care of the little one, as reported by The Sun.

Co-owner Craig Orand said his company maintains a policy of free assistance to those in need during the holidays. Sensational publicity and gratuitous publicity do not motivate Orand’s actions. The company continues its policy of good deeds.