US Navy Band brings down the house performing Christmas classic

The best part about the holidays is spending time with the ones we love most.
Sadly though, not everyone gets to enjoy having family time during the Christmas season – and many people in the military know all about this.

Families with loved ones in the armed services may be missing them during the season; similarly, those who are serving may wish they were at home.

Still, we often forget that those who are serving in the military also celebrate Christmas in their own way.

For instance: did you know that the United States Navy had its own band?

Whether you did or not, get ready for a real holiday treat.

The United States Navy Band is the official musical branch of the US Navy.
That organization has existed since 1925 and, of course, comes with rotating members.

The band performs at all kinds of different events including state funerals, presidential inaugurations, official arrival ceremonies, and more.

The group also performs for both civilians and service people alike.

One video of the band performing a popular Christmas carol swept the internet.
In the clip, the group performs the old holiday classic “White Christmas” while putting their own spin on it.

The song “White Christmas” was originally written and composed by Irving Berlin, a man considered to be one of the greatest songwriters in history.

Since then, it’s been performed by numerous artists, but the most popular version by far is that by Bing Crosby.

As the song begins, the group gives a spoken introduction full of tongue-in-cheekiness:
“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been said that we don’t do enough of the ‘old’ stuff, or the ‘standards,’ so this next one is for all you original hipsters out there.”

After that, all singers put on black sunglasses and begin their performance.
The version the band performs has its own swing and bounce and is performed in the manner of a barbershop quartet.

The background musicians are as crisp as can be.
But one extra special part is when the gentleman in the yellow scarf grabs the mic and belts out the lyrics.

He quickly steals the spotlight with his incredible voice.

At the end of the performance, the band also does a few bars of “Jingle Bells” before the grand finale.
The audience erupts in applause and after seeing the humorous performance, it’s not hard to see why.

People have fallen in love with their rendition and enjoy it every Christmas season.

The United States Navy Band has many performances on their YouTube channel that are quite entertaining too.

In all, the video below is a reminder of all Americans serving in the armed forces over the holidays—as well as a gentler reminder to get in the Christmas spirit.

Viewers left the following comments on YouTube:

“I watch this performance all year long. Such a talented group of musicians throughout the U.S. Navy band.”

“Wow, what a great version. I’ve only just discovered this. These gentlemen have tremendous voices that complement each other.”

“What a great rendition. These guys never fail to impress. And the band is beyond amazing. Bravo to them. GO NAVY!”