The son kicked Grandpa out of the house. Look what the wise old man did.

Grandpa James lived with his son. His wife had passed away several years before, and Grandpa, unable to live alone, moved into his only son’s house. He had two male grandchildren and lived in his son’s spacious mansion. One day, however, his daughter-in-law began to complain about his grandfather’s behavior, saying that he had become very forgetful. This conversation turned into a big argument.

It even got to the point where the son blamed his father for not supporting him during the difficult days of his life, and now he came to receive warmth and love. The son kicked the grandfather out of the house, telling him that he could go wherever he wanted, that he no longer had a father.

Grandpa quietly gathered his things and went out. A few hours later, when the son came out of his huge mansion to park his car, he saw the old man sitting under a wall. As he approached, he recognized his father. In the old man’s hand was a note. “I am the father of the owner of this huge mansion. There wasn’t even a corner for his father in this big house. So if you want to respect my son, remember what he did to me.

The son asked his father to come home. He was sorry for what he had done.