I married a boy my son’s age and went to another state with him. now I think it would have been better to not get married and stay in my town. Look what happened to me.

It has been many years since I lived alone. My husband passed away 15 years ago, my son and daughter settled their lives long ago and live each for themselves.

I was all alone and contacted a guy my son’s age through social media. At first I didn’t think it would get serious, but it actually got so serious and I fell so in love that we decided that I would move to live with him in Arizona.

I was like an 18-year-old girl who had fallen head over heels in love.

I went to Arizona and from day one I realized what a wrong move I had made. The guy wasn’t exactly what he showed, he was out clubbing and partying every day.

I felt so bad that he just decided to use me.

I went back, of course, but I was very disappointed in both my life and myself. I remember it all with a smile now, but it was a difficult period for me.