On the day of my son’s engagement party, my in-laws saw me and I felt like they started laughing at me because my eyes were a little squinty. I felt terribly bad. My husband noticed too and look what he did

Yesterday was my son’s engagement day. We celebrated at a restaurant. There were about 50 of us. I have to say that I fell and bruised myself as a kid and my eyes have been squinting ever since. I was always upset and complexed about it.

The day of the engagement party, something happened that made me feel terrible. We went into the restaurant, when the bride’s parents came in, I saw them laughing at me and my husband noticed everything. And my husband put them in their place in such a nice way that they were very embarrassed.

The moment we went inside, the toastmaster gave my husband the word to make a toast. My husband told us to love each other just the way we are and not to let others express flaws or make fun of others’ flaws in our lives.

I was just amazed that people still do these things.