Yesterday, my daughter was gone until 2 a.m. In the middle of the night, an unknown man brought him in a horrible state, in torn clothes, and look what happened. what am I going to do now

We live in the country and are rarely in town. My daughter always told me where she went, never came home late and always answered my calls.

Yesterday she went to her friend’s house and she wasn’t home until 2 a.m. I called but she didn’t answer, then I decided to call my friend and she said she left us early and should have been there a long time ago.

And at 2am a stranger brought her home in a horrible state, crying, in torn clothes. Turns out she had been hit by a car.

The driver ran away. and this man helped her and brought her home.
Thank God, they said it wasn’t anything serious.

But he is terribly scared and in bad shape. I don’t know what to do now, how to help her help.